Pretty Defense Stun Gun
Pretty Defense Stun Gun Specifications: High-Quality Stun Gun! Long Lasting Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Rechargeable, plugs directly into standard wall outlet (No cord needed) LED Flashlight Built-In Wall Charger Nylon Carrying Case With Belt Loop Box size 4.5 x 2-3/8...
Lipstick Stun Gun
This Lipstick 2.5 Million Volt Stun Gun comes with a very powerful flashlight. This gleaming light can be seen from yards away, serving purpose for an ideal, compact flashlight. It comes with a feminine designed outer casing and the wall...
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Mini Glam Stun Gun
Stylish rhinestone design turns your mini stun gun into a fashionable accessory, making it the best stun gun for women, men, and night shift workers. Concealed high voltage stun capability can immobilize aggressors, or scare them off with the sound of its powerful bolt....
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PD Pen Stun Gun
Pretty Defense Stun Gun This pink pen stun gun comes with an interior rechargeable mechanism which means no batteries are required, pocket clip and USB charging wire included. Specifications: Product Length 6-3/16" Product Width 5/8"    
SmartPhone Stun Gun
It measures 5.6" x 2.8" x .5" . Built in super bright LED flash light. Master switch and extra safety switch to prevent accidental discharge.  Features: Source voltage: 4.8V Size: 5.6" x 2.8" x .5" Sharp design and styling Includes carrying...
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